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Got Salts is manufactured in the laboratories of Ace of Vapez, the e-liquid brand behind over 25 product lines. Got Salts e-liquids are created in iso-7 labs to ensure every bottle is to an excellent product standard. 

Got Salts e-liquid features a host of flavours, ranging from fruit, tobacco and menthol varieties.

Got Salts e-liquids are made with nicotine salts (instead of the popular 'freebase' nicotine used in standard e-liquids) which deliver nicotine to your body more efficiently. This, in turn, offers a more substantial rush, making nic salts particularly popular with ex-smokers.

Got Salts is a premium Nic Salt eLiquid brand made in the UK, all available in 20mg nicotine strength making them perfect for starter kits and pod style devices.

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