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The Custard Company E-Liquid took 3 years of development and testing in order to create that perfect custard flavour, one that doesn't leave a chemical after-taste on your tongue. It was enhanced until it reached its smooth, velvety and rich taste. This line of E-Liquids speaks for itself, but you have to try it to truly believe it.

It's custard, nothing more and nothing less, but with a few different notes depending on the bottle. Available as both 50ml short fill and 10ml, the most popular is the Vanilla Custard, the creamiest custard your taste buds will ever have experienced. The Vanilla Custard Donut, which is a vaping take on a classic favorite the vanilla custard donut we have come to know and love, that is so sweet but also so delicious. For something that's a bit fruitier, indulge in the Strawberry Custard Donut, that is like eating a jelly-filled donut that'll have you craving more.

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