Snap Liquids 50ml Shortfill

Snap Liquids 50ml Shortfill

Snap Liquids
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Apple: a perfect combination of crispy tart Granny Smith green apples with ripe red Washington apples. The refreshing blend of sweet and sour apples is the perfect all day vape in this 60ml bottle.

Cafe Con Leche: Indulge in a classic brewed iced coffee, blended in creamy milk and whipped with a touch of hazelnut. Tastes like happiness.

Kiwi Strawberry: The unique, tangy flavor of kiwis blended with sweet luscious ripe strawberries, is the perfect e-juice for those hot summer days. Sweeten up your day with Snap Kiwi Strawberry and experience the fruity goodness of the best stuff on earth.

Mad Peach: The Remix Mad Peach by Snap E-Liquids is a perfect combination of flavors from Mad Mango and Peach Iced Tea e-juices. The remix of flavors in the Mad Peach E-juice delivers a tasty, sweet and succulent peach flavored e-juice with a hint of mango.

Peach Iced Tea: Get ready for a unique flavor explosion of green and black tea leaves infused with sweet rip peaches. Snap Peach Iced Tea has just the right amount sweetness, delivering a delicious taste of the favorite peach beverage that will refresh your mind and taste buds.

Raspberry: Introducing the latest e-juice Raspberry Snap from Snap Liquids. Raspberry Snap is a refreshing raspberry ice tea unrivalled by any raspberry e-juice on the market. Quench yourself on those hot summer days with Snap Liquids Snap Raspberry!

Mad Mango: A Burst of Juicy Ripe Mangos.

Apple Raspberry: Snap Liquids Remix Apple Raspberry is a refreshing, filling blend of crisp apple slices with the fruity sweet sensation of fresh raspberries all in one e juice. Savor a hit of raspberry iced tea coupled with an apple just plucked off the tree with the latest e-liquid available from Snaps Liquids. When it comes to finding an all-day vape flavor, treat yourself to a cool glass of sweetened iced tea with every hit of Snap Liquids Remix Apple Raspberry.

  • Nicotine: 0mg
  • Size: 50ml (60ml bottle)
  • Flavour profile: Apple(Green & Red Apples); Cafe Con Leche(Milk, Hazelnut, Coffee); Kiwi Strawberry(Kiwi, Strawberry); Mad Peach(Peach, Mango); Peach Iced Tea(Peach, Iced tea); Raspberry(Raspberry); Mad Mango(Mango); Apple Raspberry(Apple, Raspberry, Iced tea)
  • PG30/VG70

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