Vaporesso NRG GT Core Coil 3pcs

Vaporesso NRG GT Core Coil 3pcs

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Vaporesso NRG GT Coil is designed for Vaporesso NRG/ NRG SE tanks. There are GT2, GT4, GT6, GT8 and GT CCELL coils for your selection. GT2 is a 0.4ohm coil for the best performance of 55-65W. GT4 is a 0.15ohm coil for about 45-60W output power. GT6 is a 0.2ohm coil with best performance of 70-90W. GT8 is 0.15ohm with best performance of 60-110W. While GT CCELL is a 0.5ohm Ceramic coil with best performance of 20-35W. No hesitation! Get the NRG GT Coil now! 


GT2: 0.4ohm (40-80W)
GT4: 0.15ohm (30-70W)
GT6: 0.2ohm (40-100W)
GT8: 0.15ohm (60-110W)
GT CCELL Ceramic: 0.5ohm (20-35W)

It comes with

  • 1 x 3pcs Vaporesso NRG GT Core Coil

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